When it looks too hard

“Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?
Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through?
God specializes in things thought impossible,
And He can do what no other pow’r can do.”

In the living of our lives we often “hit the wall” so to speak and we are faced with a situation that is not of our own choosing. We can at these times question and allow thoughts distressing to inhabit our minds with the sole intention of luring us into making a connection with thinking that does not harmonize with God or His Word. At these times we must boldly stand on the Word and allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds and bring a peace to our living and be encouraged with His promises. Do you have any rivers you think you can’t cross or mountains you can’t tunnel through? I will tell you that it matters not how deep or how high the issues in you life are Jesus can make a way where there seems to be no way!!!
God wants us to partner with him and if we will simply look we may find clues to success in our thinking. To whom does our thinking bring glory? Who are we partnering with in our thinking. Are our thoughts agreeing with the Word of God or are we being deceived. The word tells us to take every thought captive. In doing so we will begin to recognize and begin to hear ourselves say, “Wait, that thinking does not line up with who God say’s I am so it goes in the trash!” We then begin to re-focus our minds to the beauty of God and allow Him to speak truth to us.
God needs patience with us it’s true. We tell Him what to do and how to do it. We ask for our will and call it prayer, then when we don’t get the answer we want we are offended at God.
Our battle is against the one who wants us to think we can’t make it; he tells us that the river is too wide and the mountain is too high. If you stand today before difficult circumstances let me encourage you that God specializes in things thought impossible. Remember Peter? Would you actually believe that a mere man walked on the water? Could it be possible today that Jesus is calling us right up to the river and to the mountain so high? Could it be that He is looking for the opportunity to manifest his glory in such a way that the world looks on with amazement? Could it be that his very plan for you was this deep uncrossable river? Could it be that the way you look at it could decide the outcome and your victory? Dear friend, let me tell you one thing that I know for sure…..God specialized in things thought impossible and HE WILL DO WHAT NO OTHER POW’R CAN DO!
God is all about opportunities and when we have, “hit the wall”, we must hit our knees and allow the Holy Spirit to bring us to a Godly thinking and selfless prayer that will bring us to great revelation on crossing rivers and climbing mountains. Jesus is the answer!